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The new Asyc IV multimeter from Metrix®, which combines innovation and ergonomics, has just been awarded labelling by the magazine L’Observeur du Design and will be exhibited at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris from 11th December 2015 to 13th March 2016.

The ASYC IV multimeters are packed full of concentrated technology making them easy to use while benefiting from innovative design. They are spearheading a new trend in the industrial sector and the Multimeter market. Drawing on its long, acknowledged experience, Chauvin Arnoux is shaking up users’ habits (electronic switch with LEDs, wide colour screen, automatic recognition, etc.) to offer them an instrument which is both functional and good-looking. As a manufacturer, Chauvin Arnoux is innovating and proposing professional instruments whose ergonomics is close to our everyday experience: an instrument which is easy to handle with just one hand and can be controlled directly with your thumb. As well as offering an attractive design, the instrument’s large graphical colour screen is particularly easy to read.

These measuring instruments nevertheless remain functional and meet crucial requirements. Rugged and leakproof (IP 67), the ASYC IV multimeters have been designed as a single block so that they can be used in all environments (in industry and in the field). Chauvin Arnoux’s measuring instruments remain above all useful equipment for professionals and Chauvin Arnoux remain s ocused on its users expectations. Its leadership on the measurement market is also the result of its exemplary compliance with the applicable national and international standards for the safety of people and property.

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